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Power Exercises

Here is a list of power training exercises you can use to increase your power. These exercises are categorized by the prime mover they work, but remember that most power exercises are (intentionally) multi-joint movements.

They are also categorized by the type of power exercise they fit into. As I talked about on the Power Training page, you should transition from the Max Strength Phase using the heavier Olympic lifting exercises before you jump to the more explosive plyometrics and ballistic exersises.

This list has been categorized by type to show that progression.

There is also a section with exercises for upper-body power. These are pretty much all plyometric or ballistic in nature, so they haven't been categorized.

Power Training Exercises

Power Exercises for Prime Movers

Olympic/Power Lifting Exercises

Power Cleans

Cornerback Weight Training: Power Cleans

Hang Cleans

Cornerback Weight Training: Hang Cleans

Barbell/Dumbell Jump Squats

Cornerback Weight Training: Barbell Jump Squats

Lateral Step Up Hops

Cornerback Weight Training: Lateral Step-Up Hops
Plyometric Exercises

Bounding: One-Legged and

Cornerback Speed Training: One Legged Bounds 

Two-Legged Bounds

Cornerback Speed Training: One Legged Bounds

Stair Bounding: One-Legged and Two Legged

(Coming soon...)Cornerback Weight Training

Box Jumps

Cornerback Speed Training: Box Jumps

Depth Jumps

Cornerback Weight Training: Depth Jumps

Lateral Hops

Cornerback Weight Training: Lateral Hops

Split Jumps

Cornerback Weight Training: Split Jumps

Broad Jumps

Cornerback Speed Training: Broad Jumps
Ballistic Exercises

Medicine Ball Side Throws

Cornerback Weight Training: Med Ball Side Throws

Medicine Ball Sit-Up Throws

Cornerback Weight Training: Med Ball Sit-Up Throws

Power Ham Curls

Cornerback Weight Training: Ballistic Hamstring Curls    
Power Exercises for Upper Body

Power Push-Ups

Cornerback Weight Training: Power Push-Ups

Power Pull-Ups

Cornerback Weight Training: Power Pull-Ups

Plyometric Push-Ups

Cornerback Weight Training: Plyometric Push Ups

Power Shoulder Press

Cornerback Weight Training: Power Shoulder Press

Power Inverted Rows

Cornerback Weight Training: Power Inverted Rows    

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