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Cornerback Training Goals

Before you begin any football training program, you have to have some kind of idea of what you want to accomplish with it.

Training just to "get better" isn't enough.

How much better? How much faster? How much stronger do you want to be?

Setting Goals

How do you set your goals?

First, have something to aim for in every facet of your training. In your Power Training, for example, you may want to reach a certain vertical jump, or be able to power clean X amount of weight for X reps.

For Speed and Agility, you can aim for your goal time in the 40yd dash, or in the short shuttle or L-Drill.

For your Cornerback Training, you may need to fix bad mechanics by staying lower in your backpedal.

When you set realistic, clearly defined, measurable goals, and plan your training around those goals, it not only helps you stay consistent with your training program, it also increases your results...


Write Your Goals Down

Once you know what you want to accomplish with your cornerback training, write your goals down.

Actually, write them down, get them laminated, and keep a copy with you wherever you go. Especially while you're training.

This reinforces your goals your mind, and makes every rep that much more important.

Have A Goal Dealine

Having a timeframe for the completion of your goal helps you stay consistent in your workouts because you know you're working against the clock.

More often than not in football, there is a real deadline. It's called the SEASON.

Here is an example of a Calc Spreadsheet I use to track my training goals.

Speed, Power, and Agility Goals





100m Speed 40yd Speed 20yd Speed Broad Jump Vertical 20yd Shuttle 3-Cone Drill


















Goal 10.3s 4.25s 2.1s 11” 38” 3.85s 6.75s

Weightroom Strength and Power


Squat 1RM Squat 5RM Bench 1RM Bench 5RM Clean 1RM Clean 5RM Archleta Hams


















Goal 545lbs 495lbs 405lbs 365lbs 275lbs 245lbs 10 reps

This serves several purposes:

  1. It lets you know where are you are in relation to your deadline.
  2. Motivation: seeing your progress makes you want to see more
  3. It gives you insight on what you can do to get even better results.

Record Your Progress

After you're into your football training program, you should start keeping a log of your weight training, speed, and cornerback training workouts.

Here's an example of another Calc spreadsheet I use to log my weight training sessions.

Strength Training Workout Log


Sun 11/01/09


Hypertrophy: Upper Body


Columbia Heights, Washington DC


Rest (sec) 1st Set 2nd Set 3rd Set 4th Set
Load (lbs) Repetitions Load (lbs) Repetitions Load (lbs) Repetitions Load (lbs) Repetitions
Att. Comp. Att. Comp. Att. Comp. Att. Comp.
Ball Crunches 60sec 20 20 20 35 20 20 35 20 19

DB Incl' Sit-Ups w/ Twist 90sec 20 20 20 20 20 15 20 20 14

BB Bench Press Non-Stop Super Set 225 12 10 225 12 8 225 12 5 225 12 4
Seated Rows 160 12 12 160 12 10 160 12 10 160 12 9
Inclined Push-Ups 60sec Body Weight 30 29 BW 30 15 BW 30 14 BW 30 15
Pull-Ups Body Weight 10 10 BW 10 6 BW 10 5 BW

DB Shoulder Circuit 60sec

Front Raises 25 10 9 25 10 7 20 10 10 10 20 9
Side Raises 25 10 8 25 10 7 20 10 10 10 20 9
Seated Rear Raises 25 10 10 25 10 10 20 10 10 10 20 10
Arm Circuit (machine) Non-Stop Super Set

Triceps Extensions 90 10 10 90 10 8 90 10 6

Triceps Extensions 75 10 8 75 10 7 75 10 5

Triceps Extensions 60 10 9 60 10 7 60 10 5

Bicep Curls 90 10 10 90 10 8 90 10 7

Bicep Curls 75 10 7 75 10 5 75 10 5

Bicep Curls 60 10 8 60 10 5 60 10 5

Total Volume 504

Completion % 72.4%

You can log your workouts however you see fit, but the act of doing it gives you greater understanding of where you are and how you can improve.

Film Your Cornerback Training Sessions

Of all the things you can do to get better, none can come close to actually seeing your self on film.

I did this in college (JuCo) during 1-on-1s and 7-on-7s, because we didn't film practice, and almost overnight it had an immediate impact on my skills.

Being able to critique your technique and mechanics in your games, practices, and cornerback training sessions - and make corrections on a daily or weekly basis - is bar none one of best ways you can improve your game.

So, bring a camera and film yourself. (Nowadays, you can use your phone!) You won't regret it.

Aim For Greatness

Most players don't and won't do the things I described on this page, which is why most players won't be Great.

I'm not saying that you HAVE to do these things to be a Great Cornerback, but doing them will set you apart from the rest.

Yes, just getting up to go train will get you better, but when you laser in on specific goals, you'll see yourself skyrocket past your competition. It's because, while they might be doing, they're not aiming.

Aim at your goals. Aim for Greatness.

Being Great takes consistency, focus, and purpose. So use these tools to create consistency, develop focus, and provide a purpose to your training.


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