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Top 10 Cornerback Back Mistakes Pt. 2


Being great at anything requires learning and mastering the basics. Being a great cornerback is no different.

Learning to avoid mistakes early and being a disciplined player will help you when it's time for you to expand your game, and start to paint with your own brush.

Here is a list of more common DB mistakes you can avoid, and tips you can use to make sure your game is flawless.

Cornerback Mistake #5: Lining up in press and not getting a jam

If you're going to line up in press, and your aim is to press, then get the jam, please. The point of press technique is to be physical with the receiver, stop a clean release, and throw off the timing between him and the QB. If you line up and don't get your hands on him, you're defeating the purpose.

So, work on your press technique. My favorite is the shuffle drill, where you shuffle from right to left as fast as you can, while staying low and square. It works even better with a partner trying to juke you.

Cornerback Mistake #4: Getting sucked inside (on run plays)

This one happens when cornerbacks are undisciplined, or feel like they have to go above and beyond to make a play. Many corners get antsy, and go chasing plays across the field, only to find out it was a trick, and exactly what the offense wanted them to do. They try to recover, but end up getting sealed in by the wideout, and the runner escapes up the sideline.

Just do your job...

On most run plays, your job is to contain. That means to keep the play in between the numbers and give your teammates time to come clean up. If you read run, stay outside, get rid of your blocker, and either hold containment (making the runner cut back into the linebackers), or string the play out to the sideline.

Cornerback Mistake #3: Giving up the inside release in press

In press, the one thing more worse than not getting a jam is not gettting a jam AND giving up an inside release. Because of blitzing linebacks and either one or no safety to help in man coverage, often times the inside of the field is wide open. Giving up an inside release gives the offense an easy completion.

Dont give them that. Keep your inside leverage, violently jam the receiver who tries for it, and then drive him into the line. Let receivers know that the inside release is no man's land.

Cornerback Mistake #2: Not looking for the ball

So many times I see corners have great coverage, be right on the receiver's hip, and still get beat, simply because they didn't look to make a play on the ball.

Balls skills are so important, and are what separates the great DBs from the mediocre. When you line up, your mind should always be contemplating ways to take the ball and score with it, not just to stop the other team.

Remember: you can score, too!

Watch the receiver's eyes and body language for queues that the ball is coming. Listen for a “ball” call from your teammates. If your receiver his runnhing a deep route up the sideline, stay on his hip, wall him off, and make a play on the ball.

Cornerback Mistake #1: Looking in the backfield

This is the one I see the most. When receivers break into their routes, many DBs take their eyes off the receiver and start looking at the QB, anticipating the ball. This is bad for two reasons: 1) Taking your eyes off your receiver gives him separation, and 2) The QB is throwing the ball to him, not to you, so when he does separate, the ball is going to be thrown where he can get to it.

Your eyes have no place in the backfield.

The solution: when your receivers breaks into his route, KEEP YOUR EYES ON HIM, get on his hip, and then turn to make a play on the ball. If you see the QB throw it, you'll only see the receiver catch it.

I hope you can learn from these mistakes, take what you need from these tips, and add them to your arsenal. Have fun and DOMINATE!

(If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to chime in below....)

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