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Football Skills

In addition to mastering your cornerback technique and mechanics, and getting stronger and faster, there are other football skills you need to master in order to be a Great Cornerback.

Great Cornerbacks must not only be great cover guys, but also be great ball hawks, great return specialists, and last but definitely not least, great tacklers.

Great Football Player

A Great Cornerback is also a Great Football Player. You can cover until the cows come home, but if you can't tackle or convert your cornerback cover skills into interceptions and returns, you're not being %100 true to the fundamental job of a football player...

...Which is to score and stop the other team from scoring.

Improving your football skills will make you that much better as a cornerback. Many cornerbacks can cover, some have great balls skills, and others can bring the wood.

Great Cornerbacks can do all three.

Ball Skills
Your goal as a Great Cornerback is to blanket any man you cover or any man in your zone and intercept the ball. This means that, just like a receiver, it is your job to catch anything thrown your way. You have to work on your ball skills, and there are several drills and tools you can use to snatch turnovers from the opposing team.

Return Skills
After you snatch the pick, you also have to take that bad boy to the house. Great Return Specialists have a similar set of skills they use to create great returns, either from the secondary or back deep on punts and kicks.

If you can't get the pick, though, you can strip or make the tackle. Not just any tackle, but a tackle that will make the receiver think twice about having the audacity to catch a ball in your domain again.

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