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Football Supplements

Training taxes your body, and sometimes your diet isn't enough, but with the right supplementation, you can help your body fill those gaps and get all the nutrients you need to perform at your peak.

On top of a good diet, the right supps can also boost the results of your cornerback training program.

Below I've listed some of the most effective football training supplements with a little explanation of each.

This includes:

Nutritional Supplements

There are many products out there that don't do as advertised. Luckily, I never had to deal with that because from the moment I used Apex Fitness products, they worked!

Apex carries a variety of products that have helped me keep my body fueled the right way and boosted the results of my training and rehab programs.

Know what you're putting into your body.

Protein Supplements, and BCAAs

As I said on the Cornerback Diet page, protein is one of the main building blocks of your body. It makes up your skin, organs, bones, nails, and muscles.

After you work out, your body goes into a catabolic state, which means it starts to break down muscle tissue.

Drinking protein shakes fools your body back into a anabolic (or muscle building) state, which helps you recover more rapidly from workouts and build muscle.

On the Cornerback Diet page, I also said that instead of needing protein, what your body actually needs is the amino acids that make up the protein.

These branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) help to fill gaps that meat or powders may miss.


Creatine works. At one point when I was training for professional tryouts, I couldn't seem to get my bench press past a max of 12 reps of 225lbs. After taking just half the recommended dose of creatine for a 3 weeks I was up to 17 reps!

Creatine (or Creatine Phosphate) is the chemical compound the body uses for energy during anaerobic activities, such as sprinting or strength and power training.

Creatine is stored in the muscle tissue in limited amounts, so it works as a fuel for about the first 10 seconds, then other forms of energy take over. Adding more will actually help to increase your strength, size, and work capacity.

If you do decide to use creatine, remember to use it in moderate amounts. When I say moderate amounts, I mean you only need to take about half of the recommended dose. Loading is not required.

Also, please drink plenty of water because creatine retains water and can cause cramping.

(I'm speaking from experience here: I once caught a double cramp in my hamstring and quad, after some fieldwork. I was sitting on the ground in a parking lot outside the gym in pain, trying to keep my leg in that delicate middle position.)

Once again, drink plenty of water. When you think you're quenched, drink more.

Nitrous Oxide (N.O.)

Nitrous Oxide is said to dilate your veins so that more nutrients can be delivered to your muscles.


Chances are you're not getting all the nutrients you need from your food. Only about 1 in 10 adults get their complete nutritional needs met through diet alone. In order to get complete nutrition from food, you would have to eat a wide variety of foods that are sometimes difficult to find or afford.

Multivitamins serve as a nutrition supplement to help fill in those gaps.

Don't confuse multivitamins as a substitute for good nutrition. They are supposed to "supplement" an already good diet, in order to help support your training.

Joint Support

The nutrients that support your joints, glucosamine and chondroitin, aren't readily available in most foods. Taking a joint supplement will help to ensure that your joints stay lubricated and your connective tissue stays strong. Joint supplements work a lot better when taken with at least 16 oz. of water.

Training can be tough on your knees. All that cutting, stopping, and starting can take a toll. Joint support can help to keep your joints healthy.

Weight Gainers

Weight gainers are basically protein supps with added protein to help gain weight. Creatine is also added sometimes.

Fat Loss Supplements

Being cut up should not be the first priority when training for performance. You should be worried about getting better: stronger, faster, and more powerful.


I won't be naive. Good looks do get you some points when it comes to first impressions. People are either consciously or subconsciously attracted to good looking people.

That being said, the cuts will come if you keep your calories in check.

But, if you feel the need to shred some more flab a bit more quickly, fat loss supps are the way to go. They help to speed up the metabolism and enable the body to burn more fat during exercise.


In addition to cornerback-specific, speed-agility, and weight training, fueling your body the right way, with the right training supplements will boost your results and help you scrape the competition off of your cleats.

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