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Great Cornerback Training

Training is the backbone of any athlete's performance. The battles on the field are won far before the football games are played.

In order to be a great cornerback, even the most gifted players have to work at their craft. From backpedaling and coming out of your breaks, to ball skills, you always have to be at a high level of performance if you want to play great.

Work Ethic

And that calls into play your work ethic, or your capacity for hard work.

Some people are just blessed with great work ethic. They get up, get the job done, and move on to better things... While some procrastinate, stagnate, or fail.

Motivation: What Is Your Goal?

Most people who fail had a pretty good idea what they wanted to do, but not a good enough why. Meaning, their reason for doing it wasn't enough for them to work through their obstacles.

But there are great ways to motivate yourself.

Think about times when you played or lost a big game or championship. If you'd have taken that pick to the house, or made that critical stop, your team might've won that game.

Never played in a big game? Think about preparing yourself so you can!

Think about the great players you will play against, like Terrell Owens or Randy Moss, and DeSean Jackson, and where you have to be if you want to dominate those guys.

Notice I didn't say play with, or compete against. I said dominate.

If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best.

So when you get up to go train and your mind starts making all kinds of excuses why you can't, remember those things that motivate you to be Great: winning a championship, reaching a personal goal, getting a scholarship, or a pro contract.

Remember why you love football.

Then you go out and bust your ass to achieve that high level of performance.

Now that the why is out of the way, here is the how....

Cornerback Drills.
These drills mimic covering just about every conceivable route a receiver may run on you. Burning them into your muscle memory will have you reacting instinctively when receivers make their breaks, so you an make the play on the ball, or blow the receiver up for having the audacity to line up in front of you.

Advanced Cornerback Drills.
These drills are bit more advanced because they mimic receivers' double-move routes and require more change of direction. They can become a weapon in your arsenal when receivers think they can beat you with out-n-ups or hitch-n-gos.

Cornerback Covering Tips.
Covering receivers is more than just breaking on their routes. You have to read them, keep your leverage, and use different tactics for different situations. These tips share that info, along with other important tricks Great Cornerbacks use.

Cornerback Technique and Mechanics.
If you're a cornerback and you don't have these, you better be a phenom athlete or you're gonna have trouble. Even with phenomenal athletic ability, no technique can make you look real bad if you go up against opponents who have both.

Cornerback Training Goals.
Training without purpose is like running through a dark tunnel with no flashlight. Add purpose to your cornerback training by setting goals, skyrocket your results, and see your skills improve dramatically

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