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Cornerback Weight Training

It's no secret that strength plays an important role in football. The problem is that most players think of weight training only in terms getting bigger. They bulk up, mostly upper body, and have this attitude that the new size gained will increase their on-field performance.

All that bulking up does is slow you down, especially if you're not following it up with strength, power, and speed training.

Size definitely has its advantages, but only if it can add to your performance. To be a Great Cornerback, you need speed, strength, and power: the ability to generate a large amount of force very quickly....

...Especially in your legs.

The defensive back position is almost all legs. Sprinting, stopping, breaking, jumping, and cutting are all lower body movements, and you can see vast improvements in all those things through a sport specific weight training regimen aimed at that purpose.

Targeting your prime movers (which are the chain of muscles involved in those movements) by building maximum cornerback strength and converting it into power will take your game to the next level.

Periodization of Strength Training
Just walking into a gym and pumping iron isn't going to get you Great Cornerback results. A structured, periodized cornerback weight training program that progressively elevates you to becoming a stronger, faster, more powerful athlete will.

Cornerback Strength Training and Exercises
Great Cornerback weight training is more than just about being strong; it's about being strong at what you do. Training your body to generate more force when you break, jump, and tackle will set you apart from your competition. I'm going to tell you what is scientifically recommended as the best ways to gain size and sport-specific strength in the muscles you play with.

The Difference Between Strength and Power Training

Strength is your ablilty to produce force. Maximum strength is equal to the maximum amount of force you can produce in one movement. For example, your 1-repition max on the squat might be 300 lbs.

Power is your ability to produce that force very quickly through a sport-specific range of motion. This sport-specific power is developed by performing explosive exercises, like

Cornerback Power Training and Exercises
Maximizing sport specific movement is the main objective of any football weight training program. After your maximum strength phase, your goal is to turn all that strength you've gained into cornerback-specific power.

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